Send us a request for VM2 3.0


VeraChem’s VM2 3.0 software is designed to run on Linux desktops, workstations and clusters. It fully supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL8), and has been routinely installed and run on CentOS 7 and Oracle Linux 8 systems. The package is distributed as a bz2 compressed tarball which may be installed by users or in a system wide install. We typically recommend at least 8 available processor cores and 8 Gigabytes of ram, although runtime requirements vary with the size of the system being modeled. The VM2 free energy calculation engine uses MPI interprocess communication and is often installed on large computer clusters, where it can communicate across arbitrarily large numbers of nodes and cpus.

VeraChem offers flexible commercial licensing for VM2 3.0 and currently offers free licensing for academic research. Please contact us at for further information. If you are requesting an academic license please include the name of your institution and head of your research group, and a brief description of your intended use of VM2 and send a request to