VDraw is an intuitive 2D chemical drawing application. It has a wide range of templates, which simplifies the drawing of  complex molecules. VDraw also supports the loading of an SD file and editing a previously generated chemical structure. VDraw 2D structures can, with a single click, be sent to Vconf for 2D to 3D conversion and conformational searching.

  • Easy to use chemical drawing program
    Select elements, bond orders, bond stereochemistry, with automatic correctness checking.
  • 1-Click interface with 2D to 3D conversion and conformational searching
    Send drawn 2D structures to Verachem’s VConf or VCharge programs and view results with VDisplay.

User Options

The VDraw graphical user interface provides detailed user control, including:

  • select elements from periodic table
  • choose bond orders
  • choose wedged bonds (solid or hatched) to define stereochemistry
  • checks for stereochemistry
  • checks for valence errors
  • labels chiral centers and formal charges

  • multiple ring/chemical moiety templates available
  • flip structures vertically or horizontally
  • send drawn chemical structure to VCharge for partial atomic charge assignment with 1-click
  • send drawn chemical structure to VConf for 2D to 3D conversion and conformational searching with 1-click
  • save 2D structures as SD files

Windows VDraw

VDraw seamlessly interfaces with VConf for 2D to 3D conversion and conformational searching, and  in-turn VDisplay to visualize molecular structures produced.

                                  Vdraw version 0.9 for Microsoft Windows®.