• automatically edit VM2 simulation input files as an entire directory
  • load in files to the simulation folders
  • remote connection capabilities
  • tools to help you build new simulation folders

VGuide is a python GUI that provides an easy, and fast way to load, edit, and generate a directory of simulation folders and input files to run VM2. VGuide main function is to automatically edit input files, but it has many features including tools to help you generate new simulation folders, connecting to remote servers, and many more.

VGuide Interface

Open and Save

Open existing VM2 folders and edit the input sections as an entirety. Save to any location with validation functions.

Add, Edit, and Remove

Add, or edit sections listed in the VM2 Manual. Clear instructions for each section and it’s requirements.

Tools and Special Functions

Tools and functions to make building input files and directories easy. From auto finding files, to importing tools help you build VM2 directories fast and easy.

Fast and Easy

Visualize your subdirectories as a whole. Quickly edit your input files using tools readily available including undoing, and restart functions.

Remote Capabilities

Connect to any server and use any of the functions and tools to build your input files loading files from any server.