VM2: Example Installation

Here's how to access the default VM2 installation, freely available on Amazon Web Services

1.  Sign Up for a free Amazon Web Services Account

Sign up for an Amazon Web Services account at https://aws.amazon.com/account/ and get 1 free year of virtual machine time on their smallest instances, which are large enough to explore the VM2 installation.

2.  Start a virtual machine on Amazon’s EC2 compute service

  • Login and go to the US-Ohio region.
  • Click on ‘Launch Instance’.
  • Select ‘Community AMIs’.
  • Enter ‘verachem’ in the search box, Amazon should return a link to ami-0296e7aeb99e56202.

3.  Configure the VM for your requirements

  •  Click on ‘Select’, then choose your instance type, the free t2-micro type is enough to explore the installation, but not to run calculations. Try a C5 type instance for production runs.
  • Click ‘Review and Launch’.

4.  Login and run

  • Once the instance is shown as ‘available’, click the ‘Connect’ button to get an example ssh command to connect.
  • Copy and paste the ssh command into a terminal window, replace ‘root’ in the command with ‘verachem’
  • Use the password ‘vm2’ to login.
  • Explore the installation and/or upload your license file to run calculations.